Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My birthday was a few weeks ago. One year ago on that day we brought home Ruby. I forgot to do something special for her, so I thought I'd do a post in her honor.

My parents found Ruby at a campground...or rather, she found them :) She was exhausted, underweight, and losing her hair due to some kind of skin infection. She wouldn't leave them alone. My parents already have two dogs, but being the softies they are, couldn't resist bringing her home to nurse her back to health. My dad called a lot of places around the area in which they found her to see if anyone had reported a missing dog. No luck. So my fiance and I decided to take her in.

It hasn't been a easy road.

This dog loves to run. And by run I mean away. She's energetic and curious. She wants in on the action. That's probably why she was found wandering around some random campground in the first place. She eats a lot and is really good at helping us spend our paychecks on bones, food, chew toys, leashes, collars and vet visits. And maybe an outfit here or there :) She smells weird and covers our apartment in hair. She farts. A lot.

All in all, would our lives be easier and less worrisome if we hadn't taken her in? Of course. But there also wouldn't be someone at the door who is always happy to see you no matter what. There wouldn't be someone to make me feel just a little bit safer at night. There wouldn't be someone to squeeze and pet and play with. And just look at her. How could anyone resist her adorableness! After a year of many arguments and a few tears, I still don't regret the day we brought her home. Love you, Ruby Jean!

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  1. shes so cute! but ill never forget that miniature farmhouse....